"I am a Memphis native and ceramic artist. My work is predominantly wheel thrown, hand painted, and slip trailed. The majority of the work I show and sell is functional pottery. I explore through 2D work and sculpture as well. My work and my Being are fueled by nature and the human form.

My forms and motifs are informed by the varying terrain and foliage I’ve experienced through life and travels. Memphis' lush summers and bitter winters have inspired me for as long as I can remember. I am enamored with conversation between humans and nature."

- Olivia Avery

Collection of leaf ceramics
Green leaf mug
Two designs of cups stacked
  • Black and white collection
  • Black and white mugs

Three black and white cups
Black and white mug
Green mug on platform
  • Two green cups
  • Green vase with lid

Black and white leaves pot with lid
Black and white lines plate
Tan cups with black lines stacked
  • Leaves and dots vase
  • Leaves and dots plates
  • Leaves and dots cups stacked in a pyramid